[Cancelled due to COVID] 4th of July at INOLA

UNFORTUNATELY WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THIS EVENT FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID. KEEP AN EYE OUT ON THE RETURN IN 2021. Enjoy a full day of patriotic festivities. Included will be public readings of the Declaration of Independence, musical performances, and activities for the children. America’s cuisine today is incredibly diverse, so expect BBQ […]

The most beautiful place on the planet.

Having traveled the world and have seen some of the most beautiful places on this planet, we sometimes forget that the most beautiful places are in our own backyard. Rick Skelton is a development Atlanta legend, developing some of the most innovative and beautiful properties in the SE, USA. Rick invited me and my fiancé to see INOLA, his new development in Blue Ridge , Ga. This visit was concurrent with us building a home in Costa Rica which, by our standards, “ the most beautiful place on the planet.” INOLA literally took our breath away. Everything we loved about Costa Rica was 90 minutes north of us from Atlanta. You have to see this place to feel the stillness, energy, and the absolute magic of nature. We now have a second dream, and that is to sell our home in Alpharetta and have a home in Costa Rica and INOLA. To say this setting is magnificent is an understatement.

Bill & Melita
Commercial Roof Systems