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2021 Concours D’ Elegance

November 5 November 7

1st Annual INOLA Blue Ridge, Concours d’ Elegance held on INOLA’s  grounds and buildings of this stately Colonial Williamsburg replica Village and Estate.  

3 days of cars, racing celebrities and activities.  See one of a kind race cars and meet the drivers! 

There will be dozens of classes of street cars, racing cars, motorcycles, tractor, truck, local’s only class, muscle cars and much more!

Entertainment, music, food, meet-greet/autographs with several world-famous racecar drivers, exhibitions by Lanier Tech racing division.  One-of-a- kind cars on exhibit.

Judging is November 6th followed by an awards banquet for all entrants, judges and sponsors in the Orchard Pavilion and Gardens.  Special late night racing enthusiast’s showing of the classic move LeMans and Rendezvous.

Current Schedule


Registration at venue                                                              4pm-6pm

Trailer parking and unloading                                           4pm-7pm

*parking is 1 mile away, all paved parking


Venue Opens to vendors, entrants and VIP guests   7:30am

Registration and car placement                                    7:30am–9am

Car Clubs Rally to INOLA from Atlanta                        8am-11am

Car Corral participants opens                                        8am-9am

Gates open to public                                                         10am-5pm

Wetherburn Tavern opens for food and drinks         10am-5pm

Appalachian Driving Experience opens 10am-4:30pm       

AMP booth and karting experience opens 10am-4:30

Vendor booths open                                                                10am-4:30pm

Lanier Tech both opens with race cars and demo    10am-5pm

Autographs by pro racing drivers                                    1pm-2pm

Talk & autograph signing by pro driver 3pm-4pm
Joe Foster,                    

Judging completed                                                                    4pm

Entrant’s cocktail reception at the Tavern                   6pm-7pm

Dinner and awards ceremony for entrants and open to public, for limited tables 150-200 ppl.+/-  7pm-9:30pm

Silent auction, racing, auto & sports memorabilia   6pm-8pm

Raffle                                                                                          8:30pm

Fireworks over the lake                                                         9pm 

Late night Cigars and Octane, Showing of Le Mans with a pre movie showing of the cult French film Rendezvous             9:30pm-11:30                             


Venue open to entrants                                                         8:30am

Entrant’s breakfast at the Tavern (breakfast included) 8:30am-10am

VIP guests gate opens, (breakfast included)               8:30am

Gate opens to public                                                          10am-2pm

Car viewing public                                                              10am-2pm

Appalachian Driving, Mountain Road Rampage        10:00-2pm
(A.D car for $50 or your car for $20) Maybe stop at a winery.

Tavern opens for food (breakfast until 11am)           Noon-2pm

Appalachian Driving Experience opens                                            10am-2pm

AMP booth and karting experience opens 10am-2pm

Lanier Tech both opens with race cars and demo    Noon-5pm

Vendor booths open                                                           10am-2pm

Things to do for family that isn’t as into cars:

Guided Shopping  & dining tour, Blue Ridge                12pm-2pm
Train ride to McCaysville and back                                  10am-2pm

2021 Concours D' Elegance

This venue was transformed into one of the most unique places I have had the pleasure to experience

I had the privilege to attend an event this past weekend at a magical place called Inola.

Once driving onto the property, you feel as though you have stepped back in time to a place only read about in novels. This venue was transformed  into one of the most unique places I have had the pleasure to experience a social gathering and celebration. I felt as thought fetes as this one had been been relished here for centuries.

I am intrigued by the fact one day I may call this enchanted place home, I’m looking into purchasing a home lot in Inola.

A Todd Honeycutt
Lafayette Scientific Cleaners, Greenville, SC.